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Organizaciones de agricultores: Seguir en el trabajo

last modified Jan 16, 2015 10:11 AM

This issue of LEISA Revista de Agroecologia looks at the important role played by farmers organisations. Collective action helps farmers have their voices heard in the political and commercial arena, to minimise risks, to strengthen their capacities and to secure property rights – all extremely challenging things for individuals to achieve working alone.

In Latin America, as elsewhere, farmers work together in both formal and informal settings. These organisations play an increasingly important role, helping members get access to agricultural services. By grouping together, farmers can build strong track records which can help them obtain financial support. Farmers’ organisations can be instrumental in buying, selling or processing agricultural products in bulk. More important, they help farmers have their voices heard.

LEISA revista de agroecología | Octubre 2012 | Volumen 28 Número 3

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