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Petani Magazine (non-operational)

Petani Sustainable Agriculture Magazine was first published in 2001 and it was called SALAM.  It provided a platform to exchange knowledge and activities between extension workers, farmers and people interested in sustainable agriculture issues. The magazine was published four times a year and distributed to all parts of Indonesia to farmers' groups, NGOs, government agencies, universities and research institutes. The last issue of Petani Magazine came out in March 2011.

Language of the magazine: Indonesian

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Farming systems
Global challenges
Knowledge and learning
Market and finances
Rights and resources
Soil and water

04: Bertani, Bermitra, dan Belajar

Published: Mar 10, 2011

Farming, partnership and learning - Agriculture is constantly evolving. Its evolution reflects the changes that occur at the economic, social, political, and cultural level. Moreover, we cannot forget to mention alterations such as climate change that invest the natural environment. This makes agriculture a dynamic field of knowledge where expertise needs to keep incessantly abreast.

03: Akses Air untuk Pertanian Berkelanjutan

Published: Sep 10, 2010

Access to water for sustainable agriculture - To produce 1 kg of rice takes an average of 2.500 liters of water. This fact could offer a clear clue of the reason why almost 70% of the fresh water available in the world is consumed by agricultural activities. No need to say that water is absolutely necessary for farmers. This issue of the magazine focuses on this vital resource.

02: Membangun Sistem Pembiayaan Pertanian Agar Lebih Pro Petani

Published: Jun 01, 2010

(In Indonesian): Developing Agricultural Financing Systems to Support Farmers. Many parties consider the technical part of agriculture as the main problem to increasing small-scale farm income and productivity. The financial aspect of farming is one that needs requires attention.

01: Ternak untuk Pertanian Berkelanjutan

Published: Mar 01, 2010

(In Indonesian): Livestock farming for sustainable agriculture. In Indonesia the domestic livestock business was unable to cope when the demand for beef increased substantially in the '80s. Changes in lifestyle led to a considerable rise in the consumption of beef. This edition concentrates on how to go about creating a road map for food sufficiency, particularly in regard to increasing the livestock production.

29: Kewirausahaan Pedesaan

Published: Oct 05, 2009

(In Indonesian): Farmer Entrepreneurs. How to encourage farmers to revive rural economies through using their entrepreneurial spirit.

28: Mari Meragamkan Pertanian

Published: Jul 28, 2009

(In Indonesian) Farm diversification allows farmers to be independent. The dependencies on the other parties such as middlemen or creditors can be diminished.

27: Kedaulatan Pangan

Published: May 18, 2009

(In Indonesian):Food sovereignty. How to revive local food in order to have food sovereignty. Ideally the food sovereignty movement is fighting for the rights to food and farmers.

26: Bertahan Menghadapi Perubahan Iklim

Published: Jan 26, 2009

(In Indonesian) How to cope with global climate change. Many studies have shown that conventional farming has been widely used since the era of the Green Revolution, and that it is contributing to climate change. Hence anticipatory thinking and active participation of farmers in facing the pressures of climate change is needed. This edition describes how farmers survive and cope with climate change.

25: Memberdayakan Petani dengan LEISA

Published: Nov 24, 2008

(In Indonesian) Empowering Farmers with Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture (LEISA). LEISA, as one of the NGO's that works on sustainable agriculture, has quite a strong focus on gender. A way to eliminate marginalisation due to gender is to engage women and child in any farmers activities.

24: Tanah yang Hidup

Published: Jul 14, 2008

(In Indonesian) Living Soils. The theme of this edition focuses on the life of microorganisms and other animals in the soil, whose presence greatly affects the structure and fertility of the soil itself. This edition discusses how the content of organic matter in the soil supports the life of the inhabitants of the land and how the farmers use the organic matter to assist the agricultural activity.

23: Memperjuangkan Perdagangan yang Lebih Adil

Published: Jun 30, 2008

(In Indonesian) Fight for "fairer" trade. The concept of fair trade is not a dream or illusion for farmers in Indonesia. The idea of improving the standard of living especially for the small scale farmer is quite brilliant. The initiative to create fair trade at a local level is needed.

22 : Pengendalian Hama Secara Ekologis

Published: Mar 18, 2008

(In Indonesian) Ecological Pest Control. The emergence of pests and disease on the farm, is one of the symptoms of imbalance in the ecosystem. To cope with pests and disease, we need to improve the balance in farmland ecosystem. Fix the source of the problem, but not only the relieve symptoms. This is the thinking that underlies the birth of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) concept.

21 : Lebih Sehat dengan LEISA

Published: Dec 21, 2007

(In Indonesian) More healthy with LEISA. At first glance, agriculture and health may not appear to be directly related. In fact these two areas are moderately related. Agriculture produces the food that we eat and the quality of the food consumed obviously greatly affects our health.

20 - Mengembalikan Kedaulatan Petani atas Benih

Published: Oct 08, 2007

(In Indonesian) Restoring Farmers' Sovereignty through Seed. The theme for this edition is the ability of farmers to independantly store and use their own seeds contributing to sustainable farming practices.

19 - Bagaimana Petani Berorganisasi

Published: Jun 25, 2007

(In Indonesian) Farmer Organisations for Learning. This edition reviews the process of learning, information exchange and mutual evaluation amongst farmers and other extension bodies. This process will naturally provide a strong impact on farmer learning processes.

18 - Memanfaatkan Proses Ekologis dengan Lebih Baik

Published: Mar 20, 2007

(In Indonesian) How to utilise ecological processes for a better farming system. Often farmers find it difficult to adopt new agricultural technologies that already exist. New technology and new systems/methods can be difficult to apply in the field. Agriculture, through an ecological approach, allows the development of a diverse ecosystem.

17 - Mengembangkan Pengetahuan

Published: Jan 22, 2007

(In Indonesian) Farmers Enrich their Knowledge. This edition addresses the importance of involving farmers in the research process.

16 - Perempuan dalam Pertanian

Published: Jan 21, 2007

(In Indonesian) Women's role in Agriculture. In this edition, SALAM shows the importance of women's roles in agriculture, both in Indonesia and other countries. Together with communities and stakeholders we are trying to spread the effort of applying gender equality in the household and the community in various aspects of people's lives, especially in agriculture.

15 - Pendokumentasian untuk Perubahan

Published: Dec 04, 2006

(In Indonesian) Documentation for Change. This edition outlines how farmers use various media types to disseminate local knowledge and diverse experiences in LEISA to other farmers and the general public.

14 - Pertanian dalam Transisi

Published: May 06, 2006

(In Indonesian) Agriculture in Transition In Indonesia, agriculture experienced three phases of development. Initially, our ancestors developed agriculture with a simple pattern and synergy with nature.

13 - PB & Kesejahteraan

Published: Dec 01, 2005

(In indonesian) Farmers Welfare. The Farmers welfare needs to be improved in Indonesia. There are many parties that need to be involved. However, the effort to improve the small scale farmers welfare has to be well planned without damaging the environment.

12 - Kebijakan Pertanian

Published: Sep 01, 2005

(In Indonesian) Agricultural Policy. Farming has been part of life in Indonesia. In 2002, Agricultural products played quite a big contribution to the gross domestic income. It came second after the manufacturing sector.

11 - Energi dari Lahan

Published: Jun 01, 2005

(In Indonesian) Energy from Land. Fossil fuels (oil, coal and gas) are still the main energy sources in Indonesia, but increasing energy demands by industry, agriculture and households have brought this country closer to a national energy crisis.

10 - Bukan Hanya Beras

Published: Mar 01, 2005

(In Indonesian) Not Only Rice In Indonesia. Food is somehow always believed to be related to rice. We are well known for various foods made from rice. But not all of the Indonesian population depend on rice as staple food.

9 - Pertanian Ekologis

Published: Dec 01, 2004

(In Indonesian) Ecological Agriculture. In many countries ecological agriculture is often used for farming system including organic farming, biodynamic agriculture etc. Ecological agriculture based on sustainable agriculture and natural resources management system that symultaneously enhance the productivity, ecosystem and biodiversity services.

8 - Pascapanen

Published: Sep 01, 2004

Even after the harvesting time, the work of the family farmer does not abate. There are post-harvest processes waiting for them including the marketing and use of the products for their own purposes.

7 - Pemuda dan Pertanian

Published: Jun 01, 2004

(In Indonesian) Youth and Agriculture. This edition raises the issue of the role of youth as members of the family and society as well as an individual in terms of the future of agriculture.

6 - Keanekaragaman Hayati: Potensi yang Tersembunyi

Published: Mar 01, 2004

(In Indonesian) Fauna, Diversity and Hidden Potential. This SALAM edition will investigate closely the potential for biodiversity conservation which will provide the production of agriculture in the future.

5 - Belajar Cara Dewasa

Published: Dec 01, 2003

(In Indonesian) Learning system, on how to educate adult. What kind of education is good and beneficial and acceptable to them, especially the peasant?

4 - Wanatani, Masa Depanku!

Published: Sep 01, 2003

(In Indonesian) Agro-forestry; My Future! Agro-forestry is a good example of sustainable agriculture. This farming system, bringing together the components of trees and other woody plants into agriculture and livestock, can produce a variety of products needed by farmers such as food, fruit, firewood, building materials, medicines, fodder, and raw materials.

3 - Jasa Binatang!

Published: Jun 01, 2003

(In Indonesian) Animal Services. This edition of SALAM reviews the role of animals, both large and small, in sustainable agriculture.

2 - Rawan Pangan?

Published: Mar 01, 2003

(In Indonesian) Food Insecurity. This edition covers a wide range of sustainable agriculture systems. Its also includes the various products that have been cultivated by farmers in an effort to meet their food needs while maintaining their agriculture resources.

1 - Edisi Perdana

Published: Dec 01, 2002

(In Indonesian) First Edition. This is our inaugural edition SALAM. Enjoy!

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