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Paisagens Camponesas

last modified Jan 16, 2015 10:12 AM

This issue of Agricultures magazine, shows how we look at and understand landscapes, our perceptions, how they evolve, how agroecological practices are important, and how we can help to resolve territorial disputes.

The rapid change towards homogenous rural landscapes are one of the most obvious characteristics of globalization and the neoliberal political and economic doctrine that has prevailed worldwide from the 1990s. Rural areas areas are transformed to grow agricultural commodities and for mining, whereas food and other basic items that used to be produced at the local or regional level, are now being imported.

Landscapes reflect varied and sometimes contrasting development concepts, and that what they look like today is built on a history of previous interventions, by those who live in and live off the land, as well as by external forces. What we see is that family farmers are struggling to resist the negative impacts of outside pressure on their land, but some are succeeding in rebuilding local autonomy from the political and economic forces that are trying to reduce the landscape to an arena primarily for the extraction of wealth.

Agriculturas | v. 11 - n. 3 | October 2014

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