Healthy food and Agriculture systems for productive citizens!

Wegel | July 2016 | Published by MELCA-Ethiopia

In this issue of Wegel we present views, opinions and research findings from different angles regarding the changes in the global agricultural system and its implications on the supply of healthy and balanced nutrition as well as the role of various stakeholders in putting the system back in to the right track.


The global food system is changing in line with the ever-increasing global population, technological advancements, scarcity of resources and the resultant scramble for the scarce resources.



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L’impact de l’agroécologie en questions

AGRIDAPE| September 2016 | Published by ied Afrique

The impact and value of agroecology are not yet amply recognised by decision makers and and as a result agroecology’s true potential remains to be adequately supported. To focus on and contribute to remedying this situation, this issue of AGRIDAPE demonstrates various qualitative and quantitative benefits brought about by agroecology.

By highlighting positive impacts such as employment creation and protection of soil and the environment, this issue does justice to agroecology’s potential.

That is the potential to transition to a new food and farming system with food sovereignty at its core.

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Leisa- India

Agroecology- Measurable and sustainable

September 2016 | 18.3 | Published by Leisa India

There is an increasing recognition that sustainable resource management and sustainable livelihoods are inseparable. If neglected, everyone’s future is threatened.


While farmer’s distress stories are shocking everyone’s conscience, first time celebrations like International Year of Family Farming, emerging health consciousness among consumers, is putting farmers production practices in the focus for right reasons. Also, the mainstream international agencies are voicing that agroecological approaches are the way forward.


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Agroecologia e os Objetivos do Desenvolvimento Sustentável

AGRICULTURAS | December 2016 | Published by AS.PTA


This special issue of reproduces summaries of studies carried out in Latin American countries on the contribution of the peasant family on Agroecology to the realization of the multifunctional potentials of peasant family agriculture.

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La medición del impacto de la agroecología

Leisa | September 2016 | Published by Leisa

This edition presents articles whose authors relate that to advance the practice of sustainable agricultural production it is necessary to measure its impacts. As this is possible to assess the efficiency of the efforts invested to processes transition to agroecology or to confirm the importance of continuing to practice it.


We find that this form of agriculture to produce healthy nutritional quality, the nature of understanding and not depleting the ecosystem, it is increasingly recognized by consumers more time, especially those living in cities.


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Farming Matters


Farming Matters | December 2016 | Published by ILEIA

This issue of Farming Matters explores the different ways pastoral societies are joining forces to challenge the policies that undermine their culture and way of life.

For millennia, pastoralist societies have managed the rangelands of the world’s most challenging environments, producing food and providing ecosystem services for millions of households.

The experiences, opinions and perspectives presented in this issue highlight the importance of pastoral societies for agroecology and the transformation of entire food systems.

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