Healthy food and Agriculture systems for productive citizens!

Wegel | July 2016 | Published by MELCA-Ethiopia

In this issue of Wegel we present views, opinions and research findings from different angles regarding the changes in the global agricultural system and its implications on the supply of healthy and balanced nutrition as well as the role of various stakeholders in putting the system back in to the right track.


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AGRIDAPE| June 2017 | Published by ied Afrique

This issue of the journal AGRIDAPE focuses on the resilience strategies developed by African farmers in the face of climate change, which is a serious threat to the sustainability of agricultural production systems and food security in Africa.

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Ecological livestock

Leisa India | September 2017 | Published by Leisa India

This issue puts together some of the ground experiences which are sustainable. These experiences reflect the rich biodiversity… the opportunity they offer to lessen environmental damage, for sustainable futures. It is extremely difficult and challenging to put together working alternatives. For this, we are extremely grateful to those who contribute articles, creating new hope and visibility to unsung initiatives.

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Agroecologia e os Objetivos do Desenvolvimento Sustentável

AGRICULTURAS | December 2016 | Published by AS.PTA


This special issue of reproduces summaries of studies carried out in Latin American countries on the contribution of the peasant family on Agroecology to the realization of the multifunctional potentials of peasant family agriculture.
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Food production in climate resilient systems

Leisa | September 2017 | Published by Leisa


In this edition of Leisa, we present experiences of peasant agriculture for food production in agroecosystems that, managed agroecologically, show resilience to the effects of the climate. Also present are the experiences of human groups that have suffered impacts of social violence and opt for agroecological production of food as a way to renew themselves productively and organically.


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Building food sovereignty

Farming Matters |June 2017 | Published by ILEIA

This issue of Farming Matters addresses the intersection of agroecology, food sovereignty and the climate crisis. Climate change is a political problem that highlights the need for systemic change to the way food is produced, processed and distributed.

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