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Commons"FARMING MATTERS is definitely one of my favourite magazines to read to learn about innovations around sustainable agriculture"
M. Commons, Thailand


"Farming Matters, a magazine with 1 million readers, is a great way to raise awareness on agrobiodiversity."
Ann Tutwiler, director Bioversity International


"ILEIA's publications and materials have been of enormous help to me and my community..."
T. Barko, Nigeria


"Farming Matters has been very useful to me, to the members of our group and to the rural communities where we operate."
Emamnuel Ngenge Ngeh, President of Young Farmers Development Common Initiative Group, Cameroon


"The article on rice cultivation published in ’99 in this magazine influenced my life and my work, leading to the Magsaysay Award."
Yang Saing Koma, agronomist, Cambodia


"Inspired by the stories in Farming Matters, we decided to write our thesis about the solutions agro-forestry can offer. Thank you for publishing this great magazine!"
Three master students at Wageningen University, the Netherlands

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Farming Matters brings you stories on agroecology and family farming, opinions, news and book reviews, every three months. Print subscriptions cost only € 15 a year. Online subscriptions are free.

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The calendar (in 4 languages) features the most stunning photos submitted in the 2014 family farming photo competition.

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