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Farming Matters - 28.1

last modified Jun 25, 2013 05:00 PM
Insects on a farm - Friends or foes? Our love/hate relationship with insects

Academics and practitioners, participants at the first knowledge programme meeting. The meeting was hosted by PELUM at the SACDEP Training and Conference Centre in Thika, Kenya.

Agrobiodiversity @knowledged

Farming practices which use and enhance biodiversity are common, yet agriculture can also be the greatest threat to biodiversity. Hivos and Oxfam Novib have started a programme that aims to develop the concepts and ideas concerning agricultural biodiversity, small-scale farming, rural livelihoods and climate change. This is the first of a series of articles presenting the results. Read more

Photo: Laura Sanagorski

Managing for higher yields

Farmers in Florida have broadened their IPM efforts by not only focusing on those species we recognise as pests, nor only on the (reduced) use of pesticides. Those who have expanded their “management” activities, and are attracting beneficial insects to assist them with the pollination of their crops, can, as a result, benefit enormously. Read more

Jean Marc von der Weid

“We need to convince civil society…”

Later this year the world’s gaze will return to Brazil for the Rio+20 Conference. Will the event have any positive results? Jean Marc von der Weid is somewhat sceptical. While not believing that there will be positive outcomes from the official meeting, he does believe in the political impacts of civil society mobilisation on international public opinion, and on the positive effects this can have in the medium to long term. Read more

Feeling at home. Photo: Peter Thompson

Insect conservation in the U.K.

Relatively few insect species cause damage to crops, whereas many more are beneficial predating or parasitising crop pests, pollinating crops, breaking down organic matter (so helping nutrient recycling) and acting as prey for other wildlife, especially birds. With so many potential benefits, how can we enhance their presence? Farmers and researchers in central England have identified four essential requirements. Read more


Farmers in Focus

Theme overview: Insects, farmers and farm management

Opinion: John Wightman looks at our slow reaction to today’s disappearance of bees

Mulch, a home for insects

Learning about … All you need to know about bees

Knowledge management within IFAD: Training the trainers

Zambia: Abuzz with bees

Special section: Rio+20

Special section: A farmer-driven programme to reinforce advocacy capacity

Opinion: The world’s different food movements need to work together, argues Eric Holt-Gimenez

Globally connected: What is a “green economy”?

Photo: Frank van Schoubroeck

Call for articles: Farmers and their organisations

The UN has declared 2012 the International Year of Co-operatives – a common type of farmers’ organisation. Farming Matters will also pay special attention to farmers’ organisations in the September issue. In what different ways do farmers organise? What problems exist in farmers’ organisations and how are these dealt with?

Deadline: 1 June 2012 Find out more.

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