Vision and mission

Our vision

The AgriCultures Network envisages a world where family farming based on agroecology is widely recognised and promoted as a key foundation for resilient agriculture and food systems, healthy communities, food sovereignty and security, environmental and social justice.

In this world, small-scale family farmers - women and men -, as well as indigenous peoples, pastoralists and artisanal fisherfolk produce adequate supplies of food and commodities for themselves and for local, regional and global markets. Doing so, they contribute to finding solutions for global challenges: climate change, hunger and environmental degradation.

Our mission

The AgriCultures Network works with others to mainstream the values, principles and practices that underlie agroecology and family farming.

We are a group of organisations that are locally rooted and globally connected. For over 30 years, we have been nurturing a community of farmers, academics, practitioners and others engaged in sustainable agriculture.

The AgriCultures Network facilitates co-creation of knowledge and practice-based advocacy at community level as well as among farmer organisations, researchers, academia, extensionists and civil society actors. We empower young and women farmers, contributing to society-wide learning and to the amplification of agroecological practices and approaches. At the same time, the Network engages with diverse actors to influence policies and actions in favour of family farming and agroecology based on participatory, transparent and accountable policy making processes.

As a knowledge broker, the AgriCultures Network connects actors and world views, and strives to build bridges between knowledge and scales. We are proud to be part of a growing inclusive global movement for agroecology and food sovereignty, rooted in family farming.