About us

The AgriCultures Network is a group of organizations that strive to mainstream the values, principles and practices that underlie agroecology and family farming. The AgriCultures Network has members all over the world that are that are locally rooted and globally connected: 

AS-PTA (Brazil)
MELCA (Ethiopia)
AME-Foundation (India)
ILEIA (The Netherlands)
ETC Andes (Peru)
IED Afrique (Senegal)

The ILEIA office in The Netherlands hosts the secretariat of the network.

The AgriCultures Network facilitates co-creation of knowledge and practice-based advocacy at community level as well as between farmer organisations, researchers, academia, policy makers and civil society actors. For over 30 years we have been nurturing a community of individuals and organisations engaged in sustainable agriculture.

We produce regional and global magazines on sustainable farming, reaching about a million readers globally today. In addition, we support the systematisation of practical experiences and promote policies that are supportive of agroecology rooted in family farming. We are proud to be part of a growing inclusive global movement for agroecology and food sovereignty, rooted in family farming.